I just dipped my toes into some Angular 4, AKA Angular (AKA anything Angular 2+), a couple weeks ago. And wow, a lot has changed. The Angular name almost doesn’t fit anymore seeing how unique it is compared to it’s predecessor. Once you get into a bit though, you begin to connect the dots and see where it overlaps with AngularJS (the old Angular 1.x stuff).

What’s New?

What isn’t new?!

The $scope object has gone bye-bye. Yeah, I know. Directives have virtually disappeared. They still exist but now they’re components. Speaking of replacements, controllers have essentially been removed – rather, their logic is in services now. So, yeah, directives are components and controllers are services.

Here’s some more new stuff – it’s ALL modular. It’s not necessary to link to an Angular version. Just add the packages you need via NPM. And setting up a new project is a cinch with the new, robust CLI.

With the latest version of Node, four commands get you off and running.

npm install -g @angular/cli

ng new my-app

cd my-app

ng serve --open

There You Have It

It’s a lot to take in so go on and marinate on that for a while. We’re headed in a new direction now.

For the nerds, the Angular docs are right here.