First off, much love to the folks at Unsplash. They’re the home of free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos. Yeah, free, you read that right. I use them for a lot of my posts’ and projects’ images. Great pics. Use them. Do it.

I’m Starting A New Job!

In a week I’ll be starting at a new company. Which means two things: I’m juiced to be working with new people and taking on new challenges but I’m dolorous about leaving my current company, and the great people I work with.

My Current Spot

The place I work now is unique. The office is in the heart of downtown Louisville. Exploring the city on a break is a huge perk for me. Inside the office we have standing desks (if you haven’t tried one out, take my word for it, they’re worth the money), a ping pong table, pinball machine (I still have the high score), an Atari, and a Nerf arsenal.

A couple months ago my boss got us tickets to Dracula at Actor’s Theatre – great show. Before that we were treated to a huge dinner retreat/team-building exercise at the River House. And before that we got to see the Louisville Bats play from our own private box. The extracurriculars are awesome.

By far though, and here come’s the cliche, the best part of my current job is the people I work with. Although cliched, it is absolutely true. My company has a knack for hiring insanely talented, hard working, affable professionals. Case in point, my Art Director Emily Clark. She’s the UI/UX force behind the software we produce and I love her distinct artistic style.

Greener Pastures

With all of that in mind, I’m still excited to make this move. It’s scary and it’s unknown and I have all the intense doubts and fears that I’m an imposter that I’ve always had. The chance to prove that I’m not (mostly to myself) is what I’m looking forward to. And this new position aligns more closely with the future I’ve been building over that last few years. A future I’ve been pouring every last drop into.

Truthfully, I’m not a believer in the grass being greener on the other side of the fence. It’s greener where you water it. All I really know about where I’m going is that I’m bringing my watering pail with me.