In 2016 I won my first award as a front-end developer. I didn’t receive a trophy but I didn’t have to give a cheesy acceptance speech either so I consider it a wash.

To keep it 100%, I was the lead developer on the TEAM that won the 2016 Silver Award for microsites from the Louisville, KY chapter of the American Advertising Federation at the American Advertising Awards. I will add that the Louisville chapter repeated in 2016 as the ‘AAF Club of the Year’. So yeah, we’re kind of a big deal.

What Is The AAF?

Taken straight from Wikipedia:

Headquartered in Washington, DC, the American Advertising Federation (AAF) the “Unifying Voice for Advertising.” The AAF has more than 200 local clubs across the U.S. representing nearly 40,000 advertising professionals, connecting and leading the industry.

About The Microsite

The microsite was for a national restaurant chain (for non-disclosure purposes we’ll leave the intruigue). What’s a microsite you ask? A microsite is basically a child of another, larger site and is accessed mainly from there. It has it’s own independent links and address.

The site was built mobile first and featured how-to-videos, quizzes, a live social media feed, and a sweepstakes. Although initially a seasonal site, it was designed on a WordPress platform and had the full suite of admin controls for our client so they could customize it and keep reusing it even after the sweepstakes was over.