Do you use frameworks in front-end development? Or do you code everything from scratch? Of course you use frameworks, right?! They save you tons of time and effort. But do they?

The reason I ask is I’ve come late to this development party and there’s 50 million frameworks to choose from. You can get a project Bootstrapped and boilerplated in minutes. Laravel is the PHP’s bees knees. Bourbon will not only have you texting your ex in minutes but it’s also great at saving you time reinventing the proverbial Sass mixin wheel.

What Exactly Is A Framework?

A software framework, in computer programming, is an abstraction in which common code providing generic functionality can be selectively overridden or specialized by user code providing specific functionality.

OK, So Why Wouldn’t I Want This In My Life?

I read the documentation for these technologies and there’s a general consensus that I’m wasting too much time building from scratch and my rivals are leaving me in their dusts. Since I mentioned rivals and they’re all ahead of me there could potentially be different kinds of dust they’re leaving me in, so I say dusts. Anyway, don’t frameworks reduce the amount of code I write while adding extensibility and making me that much more powerful? Don’t I need this in my life??

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? It is, sort of.

The Skinny IMHO

With this in mind, should I just strap on the boots to get my plate boiled so I can quit wasting all this time? Most sapiens that code tell me I should, with one important caveat – only after I know the underlying technology first. They tell me to learn the hard way, the old fashioned way, the vanilla way. Learn why and how things work so I will know why and how frameworks actually work and can better utilize them. Using frameworks without knowing the underlying technology can end up causing some real headaches later and cost a lot more time in the end.