In a feature called ‘18 great examples of WordPress websites’ my former dev team and I stood out as #1. The article appeared on Creative Bloq, an art and design blog and one of the very best for creative inspiration.

The InkTank

The site getting all the attention is The InkTank. It’s a WordPress site that showcases news from the ink industry with a bold, colorful design, and gorgeous full screen videos. Ink actually seems pretty cool.

It All Started At DBS

In 2016 I was working at DBS > Interactive, in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s a small but talented agency with a lot of good people and some bold clients. Art Director Emily Clark, whom I’ve written about before, designed a site for Kao Collins, an industry leading ink supplier, that captured first place and is the reason for this post.

She does great work but this wasn’t a one woman show. Micheal Large and I were tasked with developing Emily’s designs into a working website. And Mark Shelton, my boss at DBS, came up with a custom-built cross-browser solution for playing the full screen background videos on the site.

Of course, the whole team at DBS contributed, from the CEO, VP, marketing, and client relations. It was one of my favorite projects at DBS and I’m glad to see it recognized. Congratulations to everyone at DBS.