Oh man, oh man, oh man.

It’s tough reading old posts. Tech I thought I knew a year ago, in hindsight, seems hardly understood. It feels like literally one year ago I knew almost nothing compared to what I know now.

Which begs the question: what will I look back at a year from now and cringe when I read??? Probably a lot more than I care to consider. But hey, if I hold back at all the fears I have over looking stupid I might as well stay in bed.


Nearly a year ago I wrote that 2017 was my year to focus on JavaScript. You know, try to master more nuanced aspects of it. I’d used it for a couple years without ever feeling like I understood more than the basics I needed to do my job. And boy, I found out I was only too right.

Earlier this year, in a job interview, I was asked to rate my JavaScript skills on a scale to 5, and I naively said I was a 2.5, but a solid 2.5. Now, if I were honest I’d have to say was 2.5 on a 10 point scale.

Only after a year of immersing myself in good old fashioned vanilla JavaScript, boning up on jQuery, and transitioning from AngularJS to Angular can I say that I’m a 5. And I still feel like that may be pushing it. But I’m learning more every day and I’m working on it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The Result

As much as I’d like to delete my old posts to hide my ignorance, how hard it’s been for me to work my way up to this skill level, I’m leaving it all be. I recently learned Da Vinci burned a ton of his sketches and earlier work before his death to hide how hard he actually had to work to produce his masterpieces. But how great would it be so see how far he had to come to reach his virtuoso level?

It might inspire more people to know that he, too, sucked like the rest of us at some point.