I finally got a Raspberry Pi a couple weeks ago and I’ve been slowly losing my mind ever since. I’m sure you’ve heard of a Raspberry Pi, right? The Raspberry Pi is a tiny, super inexpensive computer that has a cult following. Which is great because that means it has a huge community of support out there. And that is the real advantage of RPi (we’re gonna call it RPi from now on because I’m tired of typing the whole name out) over others. When your looking for answers you can trust that someone has probably already found what you’re looking for.

I recommend buying a kit like this one to get started quickly. The key ingredients with this kit are the power cord and a 8GB MicroSD Card Optimized for the Raspberry Pi 3 and Flashed with the Latest Raspbian OS. Of course, you can buy a RPi cheaper without any extras, but you’re not going to get very far without power and an operating system ;).

My Bugaboo

There’s a tremendous amount of documentation about RPi everywhere. But that can actually be a problem. When you need an answer it’s easy to get turned around because there’s SO MANY OPTIONS. Of course, there’s the official .org site with it’s forum and other resources but this easily gets lost in the shuffle with simple Google searches. What I found myself doing a lot of the time was trying fixes posed by outdated articles or relying on code snippets from unreliable sources.

That’s not RPis fault. RPis aren’t expensive and iterations of their hardware and software come quickly. What use to work with the last operating system or an older hardware version simply won’t work anymore. It’s a trade off I’m willing to accept.

Next Mission

Now, I’m off to make a Magic Mirror. Wish me luck.